I have temporarily changed this site into a job search site.

I am in search of new employment and available to start immediately.

I hold a BS in Business/e-business and have the ability to focus on organizational issues.

I have been recognized for ability to logically prioritize complex situations and develop improved solutions; also as a skilled communicator who can work well, on my own or as part of a team, within all levels of an organization.

As you can see from my resume I have a strong background; working with and in highly technical areas using state of the art equipment.

Please CLICK HERE to view my resume’

10 thoughts on “I have temporarily changed this site into a job search site.

  1. I have a Antique game stove I’d. Need to sell , If you can help let me know . Thankyou for your time.p

  2. – Youtube- Viddler- Vidilife- Vimeo- even MyspaceVvideothis list is just a free of the ones you could usemy top two that I recommend thugoh is Youtube and Viddler

  3. Haha, I concur! Reading your post yesterday morning sparked quite a prolonged analysis of Buffy during my break, so you’re successfully sharing the love.As for Twin Peaks, it’s more than worth it for the characters and the hilarity, but be warned you’ll want to throw things at the screen after the final episode.

  4. I have never had porridge with butter and brown sugar and prefer it with milk and little brown sugar… I to thank you for the idea of baking grilled cheese sandwiches – wonderful idea for a group! Thanks….Ellyn

  5. Hello,,
    Wevrecently became the proud owners of a Chambers. C90.
    The light in the backsplash is out and needs replacing. I believe the lamp’s part number is 4973. The bulb that we removed has stamped on it: GE Mexico 60w Lumiline.
    We are searching for a replacement. Can you help us?
    Thank you,
    Terri and Andy

  6. dice la sua, è ovvio che ci siano opinioni divergenti…Lo UAC a mio avviso è invadente e inutile, molto meglio un utente senza privilegi e usare un super utente (o un sudo o un run-as) quando si devono eseguire operazioni di mantuenzione (o programmi che richiedono privilegi elevati…)Secondo me tra lo UAC e la richiesta di password di Ubuntu è molto meglio la seconda…(poi sono uno di quelli che usa la funzione “blocca schermo” ogni volta che si allontana dal pc…) o disconnette l’utente (su windows, molto meglio del salvaschermo con pwd)

  7. I like the idea of a time limit, Alexandra. Great idea! I, too, disregard the number, as each manufacturer has a different standard. Maybe the emotional turmoil is that jeans are supposed represent our carefree, comfortable moments – but buying them certainly can be less than a carefree moment…

  8. That’s great, “true art is angsty.” I’ve never been that angry with the world, I’m more of an ‘accept and carry on’ type of guy. Oh well, I guess I’ll just be a writer rather than an artist then. After all, calling what I write, “my art” does sound rather pretentious.

  9. sep05claudia 15 dias sin sueldo no es menor… Tiene que valer la pena al final. Alli cobra valor el bono termino de conflicto… Tiene que ser igual al de telmex o mas un palo

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